Option 1 of the SDS Act allows for the individual (or the person with Power of Attorney / Guardianship or parental responsibility for the person with assessed support needs) to secure the provision of their own support

This is done through the individual using the money to employ their own Personal Assistant (PA); for “creative purchases” or purchasing support from an organisation or organisations of your choosing.

Using a Direct Payment can be very liberating for you as it puts you in complete control of how YOUR support needs and agreed outcomes are met.  By employing your own staff, you can decide who you want providing support; when they provide the support and how this is best done to meet your needs and preferences.

It also means that you are responsible for using the monies appropriately (the funds can only be used to meet the agreed outcomes but how you meet those outcomes can be flexible) and, if you employ your own staff, you will need to ensure that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

There are currently over 5,000 people in Scotland using a Direct Payment to meet their assessed needs and personal outcomes.

How SPAEN can help YOU:

SPAEN has over a decade of experience supporting people from across Scotland to manage their Direct Payment and keep on top of their duties and responsibilities as an “employer”.

Our HR Services team can:

  • Help you identify ways of meeting your personal outcomes;
  • Assist with writing job descriptions and person specifications to help you find the right people;
  • Assist you with contracts of employment; calculating affordable wage rates; identify equipment that may help you achieve your personal outcomes and keep up-to-date with all employment related legislation and regulation;
  • We will then continue to support you when you need us – whether it’s adjusting contracts of employment; dealing with work related issues or providing support and assistance to your employees, we’re only a phone call away;
  • Assist you with pension duties for your staff.

Our Finance Services Team can:

  • Provide you with a first class payroll service making PA employment as simple and practical as possible;
  • Assist you manage your funds with our Managed Account service;
  • Complete your finance returns for submitting to your local authority;
  • Assist you with any pay and related queries and questions.

Our Support Services Team can:

  • Help you budget your Direct Payment to maximise the amount of support you can purchase;
  • Provide you with bespoke training on becoming a PA employer; understanding your duties and responsibilities and also empowering you to make the most of the employer / employee relationship;
  • Provide training to your PA’s on how to be a good PA;
  • Access a whole range of accredited training for your PA’s including Basic and Advanced First Aid; Food Hygiene and Safety; Health & Safety and Administration of Medication.

Want to find out more?  

Just call our Membership Services Team on 0845 601 1156 or drop us an e-mail by clicking here and start living YOUR life YOUR way.