Option 2 of the SDS Act allows the local authority to identify an “individual budget” to meet your assessed needs and personal outcomes.

These monies can be held and administered on your behalf by the local authority; a care provider agency or a third party and the monies should be used in accordance with your wishes.

An Individual Service Fund or ISF means that you know how much money you have available to make arrangements to meet your assessed needs and personal outcomes and you should be fully involved in discussing both how your needs and outcomes are met and how the monies are used.

How SPAEN can help YOU:

Our Finance Services Team can:

  • Open and operate a Managed Account on your behalf.  This allows you to deposit your SDS monies into an individual account held and operated in your name and in accordance with your wishes;
  • Pay invoices and bills from your account with your authorisation;
  • Assist you in compiling financial returns for your local authority so you can detail how the monies have been used to meet your needs and outcomes;
  • The Managed Account means that you are in total control of how these monies are spent.

Our Support Services Team can:

  • Assist you with budgeting your SDS monies to ensure you maximise the amount of support you can purchase and also identify “creative purchases” that will help you meet your agreed outcomes;
  • Help you to identify suitable care provider agencies;
  • Help you identify other community based resources that may meet your outcomes – basically we’ll help you find things in your area that match your interests and meet your desired outcomes and may even be able to help you purchase activities at competitive rates;
  • Move or change your care service provider if you so choose.

Want to find out more?

Just call our Support Services Team on 0845 601 1156 (option 3 on the telephone system) or drop us an e-mail by clicking here and start living YOUR life YOUR way.