Option 4 of the SDS Act allows you to choose a range of the other 3 options to suit your needs.  This means you can have the local authority provide some support to you through Option 3; use a Direct Payment for “creative purchases” that help you meet your agreed personal outcomes or even hold monies in an Individual Service Fund (ISF) to purchase care and support from a care service provider.

The choice is yours to make.

How SPAEN can help you:

Our Support Services Team can:

  • Discuss all 4 options with you so you can make an informed choice about which option or options will best meet your needs and aspirations;
  • Support you to set up a Direct Payment or Individual Service Fund.

Want to find out more?

Just call our Support Services Team on 0845 601 1156 (option 3 on the telephone system) or drop us an e-mail by clicking here and start living YOUR life YOUR way.