Peace of Mind is a new, collaborative programme between SPAEN and Respite Now C.I.C. funded through the Scottish Government’s SDS Capacity Building programme.

The Peace of Mind programme aims to “cultivate communities” putting the social back into social care.

Whether you’ve got a Direct Payment or an Individual Service Fund (ISF); are employing a PA or purchasing support from a care service provider, you can access and use the innovative Peace of Mind programme.

And the concept is simple:

You can “pool” a small amount of your SDS budget for social outcomes and activities and meet up with others who share similar interests, expanding your social network whilst doing something you love.

To find out more or to register an interest in Peace of Mind, just drop us an e-mail by clicking here or visit the Peace of Mind website.

You can also download the Peace of Mind brochure in the “Downloads” section on this page.